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Color Classification:
6cm pair of orange
6cm pair of pink
6cm pair of pink green
6cm pair of bleeding green
6cm pair of blue and green
4.5cm pair of orange
4.5cm pair of cyan
4.5cm pair of purple
4.5cm pair of silver white
6cm pair purple
5cm pair of silver white
5cm pair of orange
5cm pair of cyan
5cm pair purple
4.5cm/5cm pair of light yellow
4.5cm pair of rose red
5cm pair of rose red
4.5cm pair of red head silver
5cm pair of red head silver
5cm pair of pink
4.5cm/5cm pair of light green
5cm pair of blue
A pair of 6cm light green powder
6cm pair of red head silver
Fishing places: Ocean beach fishing, ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ponds, other types of bait: sea bait

Packing list:

1 pair of fishing lures

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