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Product category: Taiwan fishing rod
Material: Carbon
Item No. : Taiwan Crucian pole
Case quantity: 10
Application scenario: platform fishing
Length: 4H28 set 2.7 meters,4H28 set 3.6 meters,4H28 set 3.9 meters,4H28 set 4.5 meters,4H28 set 4.8 meters,4H28 set 5.4 meters,4H28 set 6.3,4H28 set 7.2,5H28 set 3.6 meters,5H28 set 3.9 meters,5H28 set 19 4.5,5H28 set 19 Off-19 4.8,5H28 off-19 5.4,5H28 off-19 5.7,5H28 off-19 6.3,5H28 off-19 7.2,6H19 3.6,6H19 3.9,6H19 4.5,6H19 4.8,6H19 5.4,6H19 6.3,6H19 7.2 (m )
Fishing rod classification: Taiwan fishing rod
Fishing rod Length: 270 (mm)
Fishing spot: Reservoir pond
Rod tone: hard fishing
Weight: 90 (g)
Length after shrinkage: 111 (mm)
Number of sections: 3 (sections)

Packing list:

1* Fishing rod

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