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 Color classification: silver black, imitation gold fishing hook
Place: Ocean beach fishing, ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, rivers, lakes, reservoir ponds, streams
Sports outdoor projects: fishing

Purchase matters:

1. 3 4 5 6 7 60 pieces per model 8 9 10 11 12 40 pieces per model. A total of 500 pieces. Not 50 pieces per box! There are a few fishermen who only counted one large size with 40 pieces. They thought that the whole box was only 400 pieces. Please see clearly!
2. The fishhook is manually packed by the factory with a balance scale, the error is about 10, I hope to understand.
3. Recently, there are many customers who often use Qianyou fish hooks for sea fishing in coastal cities. Please pay attention to the fact that our shop sells the Isenyi configuration, not Qianyou. Large size. Thousands are mainly sea fishing hooks. Look at the size of the Iseni sold in this store before buying, do not buy it and come back to hurt us. thank you very much.
Box size: 13.3cm x 7cm


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