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1. Cup type aluminum alloy wire, higher wear resistance and smoother output line.
2. Full metal folding rocker arm, rocker arm can be interchanged left and right, wireless rotating reel, brake control function is very powerful.
3. The wire winding ability is strong and the transmission ratio is fast.
4. High-strength rocking design, strong impact resistance, large wire cup capacity and exquisite workmanship.
5. Lead-free mirror environmentally friendly spray paint, comfortable EVA handle, superb workmanship, copper rod drive, high zinc alloy hardness gear plate, more than 2000 additional axle bearings.
6. Suitable for all general purpose fishing rods, such as Hanoi fishing rods, marine fishing rods, and small river fishing rods.

Product specifications:

Material: aluminum alloy
Fishing method: rotation
Colour: Black
Theme: Sports
Sport type: fishing

Location: River, pond reservoir, ocean fishing, ocean

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