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Color: Color A 10pcs 1g Color B 10pcs 1g Color C 10pcs 1g Color D 10pcs 1g Color E 10pcs 1g Color F 10pcs 1g Color G 10pcs 1g Color H 10pcs 1g Color I 10pcs 1g Color J 5pcs 5g Color K 5pcs 5g Color M 5pcs 5g Color L 5pcs 5g Color N 5pcs 5g Color O 10pcs 1g Color P 10pcs 1g
Lure type: Paddle Tail Swimbaits
Weight: 1g
Length: 45mm
Material: Silicone
Color: 16 different colors
Target fish: carp, pike, bass, walking squid, snake head


The paddle tail swimbait is a lure that will work all year round, however it reigns king during certain times of the year. Since a swimbait is a lure which can be worked as fast or as slow as the fisherman sees fit, the paddle tail swimbait shines during late winter through early spring months. Fish are actively feeding during this time, especially as the pre-spawn/spawn nears. These fish are willing to chase down bait and will easily mistake your swimbait for a slow-moving baitfish.

Packing list:

A pack of bait (10pcs 45mm Or 5pcs 80mm)

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