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Size: 7.4g  8cm .  
Type: Hard plastic with 2 PCS   high carbon steel hooks . 
Diving Depth: 0.3 - 3.7 m.
Fit for: Sea Boat Fishing, Boat Fishing, Ice Fishing, River Lake Fishing Lure.
Target Fish:   Black Fish, Bass, Pomfret, Tilapia, Bream, Dace, Carp Fishes    
1. Lifelike 3D fish Eye Vivid type Swimbait, Very attractive to Fishes. High successful rate of Fishing,Especially good for Sea Beach Fishing.
2.  Strong Quality, Durable Usage, No need to Change the lure time by time.
3. Clean and merciful design, No need to dirt your hands to kill the small animal worms.
4. Two hooks set attached,  VMC Type with Barb, Once the fish bite the lure, it can never escape anymore. Especially Good for catching Big Sea fishes.
5.        There are Steel Balls inside the Minnow Lure, So the Lure is Suitable for Long Distance Casting Fishing. Beside, The Steel Balls' Collisions can Produce Acoustic Sound to Attractive Fishes Nearby.
6. Unique Long Metal Mouth Design, Suitable for Dive Deep Quickly.
Fishing Skill Tips:
1. Pull the Fishing Lure in the Water at a Slow and Steady Speed, Make the Minnow Lures "Swim" Like Real Fish. It will Easily Attract Attention of Target Fishes, and Make them Bite the Hook.
2. Pull the Fishing Lure in the Water Quickly at a Sudden, Imitate an Escaping Fish in a Panic, the Big Fishes is Easily to Get Fooled and Hooked.
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