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Product information:
Color: red head silver body, full silver, red back, blue back, yellow back, rainbow color, black back color, blue back red belly, black back pattern, red head glowing, yellow back red belly, one side glowing
Specifications: 22g with hook
Category: Bait
Dragging technique: After throwing out the iron plate, let it sink by about 10cm and then recover at a medium speed.
Quick retrieval method: After throwing it, try to retrieve it as quickly as possible, allowing the iron plate to move at a shallow distance below the water surface. There is no need to retrieve it too quickly to worry about the fish catching up, as the fish can move much faster in the water than you.
Slow recovery method: Slow recovery, maintained at a speed that allows the iron plate to swing slightly, is usually used in deep water areas.

Packing list:
Fish bait * 1 piece
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