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Product information:

Tent structure: single-layer tent
Pole material: glass fiber pole
Specification: 215*215*142cm
Construction condition: No construction speed
Space structure: A one-bedroom
Style features: Mountaineering, fishing, waterproofing, wilderness survival, picnicking, windbreak, night fishing
Waterproof coefficient of outer curtain: 1000mm(including)-1500mm(excluding)
Waterproof coefficient of bottom curtain: 1000mm(including)-1500mm(excluding)
Pole: Fiberglass
Base material: Oxford cloth
Inner ledger: T210 coated in silver
Variety: three-person single layer
External book: T210 coated in silver
Color: Silver glue Blue, silver glue green, vinyl blue, vinyl green, upgraded silver glue green, upgraded silver glue blue, upgraded black glue blue, oversized silver glue blue, oversized silver glue green, Base beige, upgraded beige
Number of persons applicable: single tent, tent + tide mat

Packing list:

1* Tent / tent + tide mat

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