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Color classification: Fluorescent green (4.5cm1.22g) Stone blue green (4.5cm1.22g) Olive milk yellow (4.5cm1.22g) Ice heart orange (4.5cm1.22g) Chinese red (4.5cm1.22g) Fluorescent powder (4.5cm1.22g) Black gold nail (4.5cm1.22g) Grey silver nail (4.5cm1.22g) Sauce brown (4.5cm1.22g) Stone silkworm moth (4.5cm1.22g) Dry green brown (4.5cm1.22g) Chicken blood red (4.5cm1.22g) Green shrimp (4.5cm1.22g) Flower loach color (4.5cm1.22g) Fluorescent green (5.5cm 2.27g) Stone Blue Green (5.5cm2.27g) Olive Cream Yellow (5.5cm2.27g) Ice Heart Orange (5.5cm2.27g) Chinese Red (5.5cm227g) Fluorescent Powder (5.5cm2.27g) Black Gold Armor (5.5cm2.27g) Grey Silver Armor (5.5cm2.27g) Sauce Brown (5.5cm2.27g) Stone Silkworm Moth (5.5cm2.27g)
Fishing place: ocean beach fishing Rivers and Lakes, reservoirs, ponds and streams

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Fish bait * 10/15pcs

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