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made in China
Price range: Below 50 yuan
Color classification: 1 small carp [buy 2 get 1 free] 8.5g 1 small red fish [buy 2 get 1 free] 8.6g 1 clown fish [buy 2 get 1 free] 8.6g 1 grouper [buy 2 get 1 free] ] 8.6g 1 blue hairtail [buy 2 get 1 free] 8.6g green tiger 1 [buy 2 get 1 free]
Fishing places: Ocean beach fishing, ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, etc.
His bait classification: lure bait
Lure bait classification: Vibration Vib (hard type)
Item: plaice VIB
Sports outdoor items: angling bait
Type: fake bait

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