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Color: A, B, C, D, E
Size: 100mm
Weight: 15.5g
Material: high quality ABS
Fishing hook: high carbon steel
Applicable waters: all waters
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The knotty lure design is vivid and the 3D eyes are vivid, making the lure look like a real fish, swimming in the water when fishing.
The knotty fish body can hook into the water well, showing an excellent swimming method to attract fish.
Hook: Corrosion resistance, strong power, durable, universal in sea water and fresh water.
It is suitable for sea water and fresh water, as bait for fishermen.
The metal bait ball inside maintains the balance of the bait and achieves the longest throw.
Wonderful fishing accessories for fishing enthusiasts. Very suitable for fishing trout, stingray, grouper, spear, musk, squid, squid, etc.

Packing list:

Bionic fishing lure x 1

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