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1.Durable and high-strength nylon material
2.The large and easy-grip lock-nut offers flexible adjustment.
3.Quick and easy to install on the kayak or boat firmly and securely
4.The fishing rod holder relieves the task of a long time holding the rod.
5.Free to change direction, 360-degree vertical adjustment range for a variety of rod tip height settings.

6.The simple installation can fix the fishing rod and the fishing reel slot, which leaves space for the fishing reel and allows the fishing reel to be stuck in the slot.

7.90° angle adjustment, the plum blossom adjustment knob can adjust the angle between the rod holder and the water surface, 360° can be rotated, and the new base can rotate the rod holder at any angle.
8. The base and bracket can be easily assembled and disassembled. Suitable for inflatable boats, inflatable boats, assault boats, kayaks, and fishing boats.
9. Pullable installation, with base lock, more firm, gear bite, strong and stable.
10. Intimate design. When the bracket is not used, cover the base with the white buckle cover to prevent the hull from being abraded.


Product category: Inflatable boat universal fishing rod bracket
Item No.: Universal fishing rod bracket
Brand: HIDER/sea
Model: Universal fishing rod bracket
Hull material: nylon
Air pump: None
Paddle: None
Maximum number of passengers: 1 (person)
Specifications: New universal fishing rod bracket (cm)

Package Content:

1* Fishing rod bracket , 30ml imported glue

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