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Shrimp body size and overall length: 10cm
Shrimp body weight: 7g
Color: black head, black tail, red head, yellow tail, black head and red tail
Target fish: black fish, sea bass, mandarin fish, pond lice, red tip, channel catfish, etc.
The function of this soft bait is to imitate the appearance of shrimp (lizard, many legs) swimming, beating and still in the water.


Some shrimp-type soft lures are designed with lead hooks before leaving the factory. So they can be used without adding any sinker. Some are not designed with hooks, and this one does not have lead hooks. The shrimp-type soft bait can be used with a lead hook by itself, or with a rubber jig. In the operation method, the angler can first observe the movements of the real shrimp when they swim and struggle in the water, and then add their own The purpose is to imitate the shrimp to attract the bite of the fish.

Packing list:

Fake Bait3pcs*1set

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