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Brand: Legend Of Hunting Fish

Material: Abs; Metal

Color: 246 Pieces Of Lure Fishing Set




1.0g lead bite*10

1.6g lead bite*10

0.8g lead bite*10

1.0g lead bite*10

1#Crank hook*5

1/0#Crank hook*5

2#Crank hook*5

2/0#Crank hook*5

Luminous Beads 30

Luya American Long Needle*5

Bullet lead sinker 5g*10

Bullet lead sinker 7g*10

Three-pointed eight-character ring*20

Front wire*5

Luya Pogo Pin*20-

Seed sequins*6

Eight-character ring*20

Eight-shaped ring pin*20

Space Bean*5

Flat circle*30

Colored lead hook*5

Sea fishing space beans*10

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