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50PCS 100PCS Winter Fishing Baits Maggot Grub Soft Worm Fishing Lure Smell Glow Worms Fish Lures For Fishing tackle 2021


Color white 50 a pack, yellow 50 a pack, red 50 a pack, green 50 a pack, pink 50 a pack, mixed color 50 a pack, luminous color 50 a pack, light color plus 0.2 yuan
Specification: less than 1000 packets of luminous plus 0.2 yuan
Product Name: Street Breadworm (10 PCS / 50pcs / 100pcs)
Length: 2.2 cm
Weight: 0.37g/piece
What's Included: 10 pieces / 50 pieces / 100 pieces (1 bag)
Product Description:
1. Appearance, siliceous, soft, good toughness;
2. Use fish hooks, carp, fish, grass carp and other hooks;
3. Healthy and durable

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