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1. Plastic storage boxes are generally made of PP plastic. Among general-purpose plastics, PP has the best heat resistance. Its heat distortion temperature is 80-100ᄚC and can be boiled in boiling water. PP has good stress cracking resistance and high bending fatigue life. It is commonly known as "100% plastic".
The comprehensive performance of PP is better than that of PE material. PP products have light weight, good toughness and good chemical resistance. In daily life, the commonly used plastic storage box is made of PP material.
2. The characteristic of the plastic storage box is that the upper and lower cover are connected together, the buckle and lock are closed, the movable handle is incorporated into the groove, it is convenient to carry, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and it is in line with the new trend. Its transparency can effectively display the items contained inside, thereby greatly increasing the ornamental nature. The advantage of the plastic storage box is that it is durable, not afraid of water, and easy to scrub.

Product Information:

Product net weight: 44g
Material: PVC
Color: green, black
Size: 9.9ᅲ6.5ᅲ3cm

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Fishing tackle box*1

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