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The 2018 new DF pinnacle works, 7CM, 8CM, 9CM, 10CM with silver flashing wire bow angles are used for trolling mackerel, smoked aberdeen, sea wolf, yellow apricot, and tuna. It is suitable for Daqingzhen, Xifan, Dongfan, Nanpeng, Taihai, Yangjiang dark row. Test results in Dongfan have been very good for many times. There are 4 color options.
Buy and get a pack of squid bait. The bait is set on the hook of the bow and there is an unexpected surprise.


The inner angle adopts a thread-shaped light reflecting angle of 120 degrees with a larger reflecting area.
It can attract the attention and bite of fish from a long distance.

Packing list:

Fake bait x 1 pair

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